Workforce Investment Board Plan Update

The Workforce Investment Board Plan Update has been provided for your review and comment. Please follow the link provided below to access this information. A password has been provided in a separate email so that you may review the Plan. Please send your comments to or by March 14, 2014 by 5:00pm. A discussion and vote will be held on March 18th at 10:30am at the quarterly WIB meeting at the Turin Town Hall in Turin, GA. If you have any problems in accessing this information please contact Dan Lillis or Lynn Tyler at 770-229-9799.

Mission Statement

We exist to support and promote workforce development and job development
to meet the needs of employers and employees in our region.

Vision Statement

We envision employees with quality jobs and employers with qualified employees.


The WCGWIB Meets the second Tuesday of the third month of each quarter. All meetings are open to the public. Board meetings are held at different locations beginning at 10:30 am. Please click here to download or view schedule.

The Youth Council meets the first Thursday of the first month of each quarter. The Council meets at the Greenville Board of Education Office located at 2100 Gaston Street in Greenville and at the WCT Work-force Development Corporation office located in Griffin alternately. Meeting begin at 10:00 am. Please click here to download or view schedule.